Video Conference

IMAGO UCCloud build for the communications and collaboration tools that education & businesses need. We help you keep your classroom or workforce connected and productive throughout the work day.

Smart Share

Forget about all the messy wire, present wirelessly from any device, introduce wireless share and revolutionize your work environment with Smart Share. With up to 4 live split screen sharing, it allow each device to obtain live image via mirroring function. 


Intuitive whiteboard enables you to easily sketch or collaborate with with your material. With live video call whiteboard sharing, image sharing and document sharing is ideal for online tutoring, design communication or having productive meetings. QR Code scanning to take away the whiteboard material. 

ClassRoom Management 

Interactive teaching that boradcast the teacher's screen to the students instantly, whether is annotation on the whiteboard, or video playing on the screen. Control the student screen or silence the student screen to gain student attention. 


How it works

Teach Smart

The teacher can benefit from the Imago Eduboard for content sharing: he/she can send a presentation to the student’s individual screens, the main displays, and a far site video participant. The Eduboard comes with an optional embedded visualizer allowing the teacher to show any object or to natively connect a microscope to share the content. When students are interacting in an e-learning session, the main camera will automatically track them, and the teacher can allow to display student’s content on the main screen. In addition, the teacher can benefit from a class room management system to monitor and control student’s screens and offer personal assistance.

Fast Learning

Each student can benefit from a personal retractable screen or tablet to easily view and interact with the teacher’s content, creating a ready infrastructure for e-learning applications. When a teacher is showing content on the main interactive display, a student can step to the board to annotate his ideas or simply do so from his personal screen or tablet. Both the teacher’s annotations from the Eduboard and the student’s ones can simultaneously be shared with a far end site during a video call.


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